My Blogs

I have been blogging since Oct, 2008. I have done about 96 blogs on various subjects, as on 1st Oct 2018.

Most popular blog so far is “Active Power, Reactive power and Power factor’. As on 1 Aug 2014, following are the blogs that has been viewed by 250 people or more.

Active Power, Reactive Power and Power Factor 10,020
Home page / Archives 3,110
Swaras, Swarasthanas and Sruthis 1,086
“Reactive Power – A Strange Concept” 530
Tamil/Indian Solar calendar 457
Trihedral Angle 441
About L V Nagarajan 306
Fermat’s Two Squares Theorem 265
Polyhedrons 254
Baudhayana’s (Pythagoras) Theorem 249
Tetrahedron 247

The following are the blogs which were least popular as shown:

Suggestions for Indian Govt. led by Shri Modi 8
Once There Were Rivers 7
Naganathar Temple at Kochadai 7
Moral Policing 6
Radio-Active Wastes 6
Human Rights Violation of Sri Lankan Tamils 4
Lustre and Gloom – Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi 2


I have given brief answers for fequently asked questions on various subjects such as:

FAQs on Genetics, Electrical Power, (Swaras, Swarasthanas and Sruthis), Ragas.



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