Career Achievements

My Career started in 1969 with Tata Electric Cos. (Now known as Tata Power Co.).

I started as an assistant engineer in Load Despatch Dept. Tata power system consisted of Hydro and Thermal Power Stations. During early 70s, I worked out a method for “Optimal Hydro-thermal Generation Scheduling by Dynamic Programming”. I presented this work as a paper with the same title, in a seminar organised by Central Board of Irrigation and Power, India. This paper was chosen as the best paper and was awarded a Gold Medal in the year 1975.

In 1977-78, I was a key member of the team involved in the installation and commissioning of a SCADA system. After obtaining training from DEC (Maynard), USA, I successfully linked the PDP-11/40:GT42 computer and display system to the existing Process Control Computer of Westinghouse. The process data, obtained by the Westinghouse system, was further processed in the DEC/PDP system for further data logging and display purposes. The processed data was supplied back to Westinghouse system to enhance the display system of Process Computer by adding trend displays on analog recorders. These were the days of paper tapes and punched cards. It was really very satisfying to achieve so much from these very early (if not primitive) systems.

In 1979, I moved to Dubai Electricity (and Water Authority, DEWA, as it is called now). I was involved in commissioning of the new 132kV transmission system. I was completely involved in evolving Systems and Procedures for operating the new 132kV grid, at Dubai.

In 1981-82, I was trained in The Siemens School for Process Automation, Karlsruhe, Germany. Subsequently, I was a part of the Siemens team for installation and commissioning of SCADA System for DEWA. My contribution in power system process interfacing was highly valued and appreciated by both DEWA and Siemens.

In 1987, the above SCADA system was expanded to include the 76 numbers of distribution substations also. I had contributed immensely in the design and implementation of this expansion.

In 1989, I designed and programmed an original software for dynamic display and update of distribution network diagrams, as and when frequent changes happen on the field.

In 1991, in a similar process control computer of Siemens as used for SCADA, (which was supplied to us as an off-line data generation system), we installed additional hardware (like Magnetic tape-drive) and software (like Cobol). Thus we started using this machine as a Utility Billing System. I designed and programmed an original software to interface to an IBM-Floppy Drive which was used as a data input device for the billing system.

In 1992, along with a team of engineers from Harris, Australia, we re-designed a Harris RTU to operate with the existing Siemens Master station. It was a major breakthrough for Harris Australia, which later on led to takeover of the same by GE and it became GE-Harris.

In 1996, I played a major role in commissioning the upgraded SCADA Master Station by BNM/Houston, in parallel with the existing Siemens Master and the subsequent takeover after tests.

I left DEWA in December 1996.

In 1997, I joined EMCO Transformers in Mumbai, as DGM in their newly started SCADA division. Using a GE-Harris RTU, I designed and implemented a demo system for substation control. The same was displayed in an exhibition of ELECRAMA, Mumbai in 1999.

In 2001, I joined NELCO in their SCADA division as a consultant. I commissioned a SCADA system for distribution automation for BEST, the electricity utility of Mumbai City, India. (2002). It used a Nelco Master Station and GE-Harris RTUs

I continued as a consultant for NELCO till 2007, and then I retired.


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