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Reply to Sagarika Ghose on Gauri Lankesh

November 21, 2017

Ms Sagarika Ghose is a reputed jounalist whom I read regularly, though I may not agree with all her views. In September 2017, She wrote a leading article in Time of India on the murder of a jounalist from Karnataka, Ms. Gauri Lankesh. I ventured to write my comments on this article as below. I was ‘honoured’ to recieve a reply from her, though it was somewhat ‘intolerent’, coming from a normally tolerent journalist. I sincerely appologised to her for arousing her anger. Now after two months I wish t share my thoughts with my readers.

Reply to Sagarika Ghose on Gauri Lankesh

  • So-called, Saffron Terrorists never claim responsibility for their ‘terrorist’ act, yes. Then why is it called a terrorist act? Most of the alleged Hindu organisations behind such acts are openly functioning. Have you ever bothered to inspect and interview any of them? Islamist and Maoist terrorists have an agenda which they want to propagate, and hence, they claim responsibility. Who are these Saffron Terror organisations and what are their agendas, I would like to know. As a responsible and leading journalist can you help us, the general public?
  • Yes there are people celebrating the death of Gauri Lankesh. It only means she has earned so many enemies. Possibly one of these enemies could have killed her, but which one, any politicians, bureaucrats or corporate honchos she was exposing, or any maoist she was counselling, or any Hindu zealots she was making fun of?
  • I was celebrating the death of Osama Bin Ladin, but I never thought of getting him killed, though I know one day he will meet this end. We all celebrated the ‘murder’ of Kasab (as per your favourites Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid), but none of us could have been suspected of killing him. Whole of India celebrate Ram Leela, the murder of a Hindu Brahmin Ravana by Kshatriya Sri Ram. Yes we wanted him dead but none of us but Ram could do it. We all know how many people wanted our PM Mr. Mody dead, including Ishrat Jahan, but the media defended her to the teeth, why?
  • You are so concerned about Ms Gauri Lankesh being branded as traitor, jihadist, Naxalite along with people like Kanhaiya and Khalid. How did the whole media blow Mr Modi’s comment on ‘Puppy under his car’, out of all proportions and kindled anti-Modi sentiments among nationalist Muslims, thus contributing to the much talked about ‘polarisation’. How did all the media blare anti-Modi propaganda 24×7 before 2014?
  • Violent minds, violent language etc will beget violent acts. I agree. Please advise the patriots ‘Owaisi’ brothers also, perhaps they may think and reflect. Somebody could have advised Ms Gauri Lankesh also about this.
  • You have described about ‘unjust-war’ on a host of things starting from the right ‘not to be Hindus’ to the right ‘to be homosexuals’, as though they are all great virtues of the whole humanity. But how do you support ‘Jihad against’ the ‘crime’ of people not willing to be Muslims, all over the world?
  • There are many leaders like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Mahatma Ghandi and Narayan Guru who fought against caste discriminations and women’s rights without any need to be anti Hindu, like Ms Gauri Lankesh.
  • There are many people in India, who are given Z-type protection only because they feel a ‘real’ gun, not ‘symbolic gun’, is pointed at them. I wonder why Karnataka Govt did not give her the needed protection, if Gauri Lankesh had felt the gun-point.
  • I know, Ms. Sagarika, you are following Umar Khalid. Shall I conclude you agree to all his comments. I follow Mr. Yogendra Yadav, and I don’t agree to all of what he says. I can’t say the same things with somebody who re-tweets some bad comments like Dig Vijaya Singh.
  • As per many estimates BJP has received only 37% vote in 2014 elections. What happened to other 63% who were all against BJP? Are they all feeling threatened? Has any other PM faced so much harsh criticism like Mr. Modi? Are they all silenced? Mr. Kejriwal won a massive vote in Delhi. Is any gun being pointed at him for his oft-repeated swears about PM? Please do not belittle our democracy. Yes, we have a long way to go still, but don’t attempt to derail the same.

Reply to my above comments by Ms. Sagarika Ghose:

On Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 2:27:25 pm GMT+5:30, sagarika. ghose <> wrote:
“if you think Gauri Lankesh = Osama Bin Laden you suffer from hysterical fantasist delusions and a shameless hate filled bigotry that you try to rationalise through illiterate, myth-based, uneducated ramblings. I suggest you see a doctor, read better books or enrol in night school to gain the basic education you severely lack .
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My Reply to her Mail
Dear Sagarika Madam,
I am honoured to recieve a reply from a respected journalist like you, though it contains choicest hate-words (which I never thought you are capable of. I hope it is not directly from you but from your zealous secretary).
I understand your hurt, since you thought I am equating Ms. Gauri Lankesh to Osama Bin Laden. However, if what I wrote means the same, I openly apologise to you, to all admirers of Ms Gauri Lankesh and also to her departed soul. I only compared the number of powerful enemies she earned during her journalistic career. You may note, I have also compared her with Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Mahatma Ghandi and Narayan Guru, in her fight aginst casteism in Hindu community.
I don’t know Ms. Lankesh much, either to love or hate her. Yes I consider myself ‘still to be educated’, and I am doing my best. If ever you want to know more about us, you may visit our blog site: Perhaps you may like to comment on some of the ‘secular’ posts therein. Otherwise you may as well live in your ‘Clever’s Paradise’.
Do you have any comments on the other points mentioned in my mail, even if as critical as this one?
Once again I apologise for having hurt you so much, to deserve such harsh words from you. Would you still like to get my feedback on your future articles? I would to love to. 
With respects and regards,
Now it is almost three months since the sad murder of Ms.Lankesh. The congress govenrnment in Karnataka has still not narrowed in on the culprit. I believe it could still be a Hindu fanatic or anybody else. I hope the culprit will be found and punished severely by law and justice. Through this blog , I request all journalists and general public, not to typecast people by the views expressed by them as leftist, liberal, rightists, conservative, extremists etc. Most of them have views of different types on different topics and they have every freedom to be so. This is also a matter of Unity in Diversity. Not only we have to practice tolerence, we should also celebrate such views which is the essence of democracy.


Tamil – Class: 3 / Teaching Tamil Through English

November 9, 2017

Class – 3

In class-1 we learnt Tamil Alphabets with their pronunciations. We learnt about basic vowels(6), extended vowels(6), consonants(18), and symbols for modifying these consonants. In class-2, we learnt a few words with their meanings. We also learnt about so called ‘northern alphbets’ to help us write and pronounce correctly, words from other languages. In this class-3, let us learn about some special features of Tamil phonetics.

First, let us see a few words where the hard consonants appear in there different vocal forms.

காரம் – KaaRaM – Spicy; ராகம் – RaaGaM – Melody, மேகம் – MEHum/MEGaM – Cloud. (Ka being used in three different vocal forms: Ka, Ga, Ha)

தங்கம் – ThaNGaM – Gold (here a soft consonant is explicitly used to soften ‘Ka’ to ‘Ga’)

சக்கை – ChaKKai – Remains of a fruit after Juice is extracted. Ka is doubled for harder accent.

சித்தி – ChiTThi – Mother’s younger sister, மோசம் – MoSaM – bad, பச்சை – PaChChai – Green, மஞ்சள் – MaNJaL –Yellow (here Cha is used in different vocal forms. Soft consonant again used in the last word, Tha is doubled for harder accent in the first word)

‘Ta, Tha, Pa, Rra’  (ட, த, ப, ற​)   also have different vocal forms as below

ட :  டீ – Tea – Tea, பாடு – PADu – Sing, பாட்டு – PATTu – Song, நண்டு – NaNDu – Crab

த : தங்கை – ThaNGai – Younger Sister, பாதி – PAdhi – Half, கத்தி – Katthi – Knife, பந்து – PaNDhu – Ball :

ப :  படம் – PaDaM – Picture, சுபம் – SuBaM – All well, கப்பல் – KaPPaL – Ship,  கம்பி – KaMBi – Metal Rod

ற : பறி – PaRri – Grab, வெற்றி – VeTRri – Victory, பன்றி – PaNDRri – Pig

It may be puzzling for some, to know which vocals to use. However in most of the cases meaning do not change even if we use a different vocal form. The words will be understood properly in its context.

There are some letters which even some Tamils do not pronounce correctly. They are La, (r)La and Zha; (i.e) ல, ள and ழ. Let us learn a few words involving these letters:

La (ல) is pronounced with the tip of the tongue just behind the upper teeth. (r)La (ள) is done with the tip of the tongue slightly behind in upper cavity. Zha (ழ) is done with the tip of the tongue still behind, deep in the upper cavity. The following words show their use. Sound bytes are included to help you pronounce them properly.

வலி, வளி, வழி – VaLi, Va(r)Li, VaZhi – Ache/Pain, Air(Atmosphere), Path

தலை, தளை, தழை – ThaLai, Tha(r)Lai, ThaZhai – Head, impediment/Bond, vegetation

பல்லி, பள்ளி, பழி – PaLLi, Pa(r)LLi, PaZhi – Lizard, School, Blame/revenge

வலம், வளம், பழம் – VaLaM, Va(r)LaM, PaZhaM – Right side, prosperity, Fruit

Ancient Tamil Literature

Tamil is one of the classical Languages of the world, along with Sanskrit. Tamil literary history is very ancient and rich. There were distinctly three periods of development of Tamil literature usually called as Sangam periods. Sangam means Academy and there were three Sangams. The last Sangam was from 400BC to 400AD and called as Kadai Sangam (கடைச்சங்கம், or the Last Academy). The literature of this period, known as Sangam Literature, are the only ones available from these ancient periods. The works of earlier two Sangams are many centuries older and now only known as just names. The literary history of Tamil records them as ‘lost in tsunami’. Sangam literatures, and even some ancient Sanskrit works, record a massive tsunami much before 400BC which destroyed a very big landscape known as Kumari Kandam (Continent of Kumari), also known as Lemuria. All the works of earlier two academies were lost forever as per this historical account. However modern history could not find much evidence of this tsunami and the Lost Land. The (3rd) Sangam literature is grouped into three parts – பத்துப்பாட்டு (Ten Anthologies), எட்டுத்தொகை (Eight Collections) and பதினெண்கீழ்கணக்கு (Eighteen Poetic Works).

Tirukkural (திருக்குறள்), by a saint poet Tiruvalluvar is one of the works in the last group of eighteen and is widely translated in almost all major languages of the world. I am giving below the first couplet of this great work consisting 1330 couplets, divided into 133 chapters of ten each

அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் – ஆதி

பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

Akara Mudala ezhutthellam – Aadhi

Bhagavan Mudatre’ Ulagu


‘A’ is the start of all alphabets (of all languages) – (Just as)

GOD is the Origin of the world (of this whole Universe)

You may like to listen the audio of this verse given below:


Here is a Tamil proverb which states the importance of ‘Letters and Numbers’.

எண்ணும் எழுத்தும் கண் எனத் தகும்.

Ennum Ezhutthum Kann ena Thahum.


Numbers and Letters are rendered as the eyes (for obtaining knowledge)


With this thought let us conclude our Tamil class – 3