Thirukkural – 178

Thirukkural – 178

அஃகாமை செல்வத்திற்கு யாதெனின் வெஃகாமை

வேண்டும் பிறன்கைப் பொருள்

Ahkkamai selvatthiRku yadhenin vehkkamai

VeNdum piran kai PoruL


Ahkkamai – conservation, retention

Selvam – Ones prosperity, wealth

Vehkkamai – not to crave for, not to grab or not to seize

Piran Kai PoruL – belongings in other’s hands.


What is the best way to retain one’s own prosperity? One should not yearn for, or grab, or seize the belongings in other’s hands.

You are considered rich only when there is no need for  you to earn more. Desire to earn by unfair means renders you among the poor.


Wealth in your hand should never decay – then

Grabbing from others should never be the way

– by L V Nagarajan



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