Thirukkural – 302

செல்லா இடத்துச் சினந்தீது செல்லிடத்தும்
இல்அதனின் தீய பிற.

CellA idatthu china(m)theedhu cellidatthum

il adhanin theeya pira.

CellA Idatthu – in places beyond your reach or control

China(m) theedhu – Anger is harmful

Cellidatthum – even in places under your reach/control

adanin theeya pira – more harmful than it (i.e. anger)

il – one cannot find

One should not get angry in places not under one’s reach or control, since the same will not be tolerated. It may recoil on you. In addition, you will lose your purpose and also your goodwill for the future. This is easy to see. But, one should also understand that, even in places under one’s reach and command, there is nothing more harmful than anger. It has the danger of being highly disproportionate and will create ill will in your own camp.

In high places, wrath recoils, you know; 

In your own den, it’s a wild fire, you blow.


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