Moral Policing – Why Not?

‘Moral Policing’ are bad words for many of the new intellectuals and pseudo-secularists. Luckily they are still supporting the other policing which keeps peace, law and order in the community. It is high time we review some of our values in this context, especially with respect to legality, morality and plain decency.

 Let us start at some of the values we were taught by schools, parents and community, at least till ten years back. 

–        We were taught not to lie. Then there was some moderation. Lying for a good cause was accepted. Still lying is not illegal unless it leads to large scale cheating. But lying under oath is illegal. Lying as a habit, should not be encouraged, irrespective of any thing else said earlier

–        We were taught not to smoke. Smoking is not illegal unless it is done in areas where it is prohibited. Neither it is immoral. But, it is not advisable to smoke in crowded areas and in front of elders and ladies. Irrespective of legality or otherwise, smoking as a habit should be discouraged at all times.

–        We were taught not to have sex before marriage. Having sex with a consenting partner is not illegal. But still pre-marital sex, though not illegal, is not something that should be widely encouraged. 

–        Being a transgender is not illegal. It is a biological defect which deserves all the sympathy and support from the community. But we should encourage such people to correct such biological defects early enough, with modern medical aids. We should never encourage them to establish themselves as a third gender.

–        Homo-sexual behavior may become ‘not illegal’, but this is not to widely encourage such a behavior. Homo-sexuality should be recognized as a behavioral problem and such people should be actively encouraged to correct the same. Treating them as new-heros and idols of liberation and celebration, will cause great damage to our society. It can never be a substitute for institutions of marriage and family. It is natural for anybody to discourage such homo-sexual behaviors and they should not be termed as retrogrades.

–        Sex is a natural part of our life. Our sexual life is very different from that of animals. Our sexual action results in families, unlike among animals. Sex within a bloodline is generally prohibited for a variety of reasons. We can say, as humans, we have an organized sex-life, which leads to an organized community with duties and responsibilities. For these reasons one-man-one-woman concept was accepted in our value system. Sex with multiple partners may not be illegal, but definitely is not to be encouraged. There is nothing ‘progressive’ in promoting ‘free-sex’.

–        Enjoying the close company of the other sex is not illegal, as long as it is done away from public glare. Laws of decent behavior protect the community from harmful exposures. Hence such exposures should be curtailed to reasonable limits.

The police will not interfere on activities which are within legal limits. But, as listed above, there are many other activities, though within legal limits, needs to be checked, or shall we use the bad word, ‘policed’. This kind of policing, generally referred to as ‘Moral Policing’, is done by community leaders, religious gurus, social activists and in some extreme cases by law enforcing agencies like police.

This kind of Moral-Policing is:

         Secular as it is practiced by all religious groups

         Democratic as it is adopted by all communities

         Non discriminative as it is supported by both genders

         Not anti-social as it is approved by all economic sections.

This moral policing is despised only by a very small minority of the new intellectuals and pseudo-secularists. We need Moral Policing for the community values to survive for our future generations.

Note: You may read my earlier blog on this subject


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One Response to “Moral Policing – Why Not?”

  1. Nagarajan Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for reading my blog and your comments.
    You are one of those mature people who do not need moral-policing from outside. It is within you, i.e., conscience. But many are not as mature as you are.

    From: Barun Mitra
    To: L V Nagarajan Lalgudi
    Sent: Thu, August 12, 2010 10:36:48 PM
    Subject: Re: Moral Policing – A blog by L V Nagarajan

    I am one of those bad new intellectuals! I would not submit to any one trying to impose their morality on me.

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