Candidate’s Manifesto


The following should become a part of election manifestos of all political parties. If the parties do not agree, at least all the candidates with conscience may adopt these as their manifestos in addition to their party’s. No party will object to these. I wish Congress and BJP will take lead in this during the next elections to any State assembly or any bi-election. Or any activity groups like AGNI may insist an undertaking on this basis from the candidates. Or, better still, Election commission may insist on all candidates to accept such an undertaking in writing.


During the election process:

  1. I will abide by the election norms in all respects
  2. I will not spend more money than stipulated by the election commission.
  3. I will spend only legal and accountable money in the elections.
  4. I will not bribe voters to vote for me, nether I will bribe election officers for any special favours.
  5. All my election speeches will be decent. I will not make any personal attacks on my opponents.
  6. I will totally avoid violence during the whole election process.


After I am elected

  1. I will spend at least 100 days in a year in the constituency
  2. I will maintain an attendance of at least 90% when the elected body is in session
  3. As an elected representative, I will conduct myself with decency and decorum during the above sessions and in my private and public life
  4. I will always place my constituency above my party; and my party above myself
  5. I will not engage in corrupt practices; neither will I encourage them in others.
  6. I will respect the principles of democracy and will not in any way encourage hero worship of myself or others.
  7. I will endeavour to be free of any bias based on caste, creed or religion

Even if half of the contestants are convinced to adopt such a manifeso and even half of them implement the same sincerely, it will make a great difference to the body politic in India.




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