Thirukkural – 419

Thirukkural – 419

 நுணங்கிய கேள்விய ரல்லார் வணங்கிய
வாயின ராதல் அரிது

nuNangiya kELviyar allAr vaNangiya

vAyinar Adhal arithu.

nuNangiya  kELviyar – Attentive listener

allAr – one who is not

vaNangiya vAyinar – a respected speaker

Adhal arithu – (he) rarely becomes

Listening to others is an essential part of any communication. There is a wise saying. God has given us just one mouth but two ears so that we listen more and speak less. Most of our knowledge is acquired by four of our sensory organs whereas mouth helps us in sharing our knowledge with others. In Tamil culture, we denote knowledge as kalvi/kELvi – (i.e.) study and listening. Knowledge acquired by listening to a Guru (Master) is considered supreme. A speaker, who regularly listens to others, inherently maintains a dialogue even when he is delivering a lecture on his own. This inherent dialogue and the ensuing respect for his expressions will be absent in a speaker who neglects listening to others.

An attentive listener, if one is not

A respected speaker, he becomes not


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