Thirukkural – 370

ஆராஇயற்கை அவாநீப்பின் அந்நிலையே

பேரா இயற்கை தரும்.

AarA iyarkai avA neeppin annilayE

pErA iyarkai tharum



annilayE –  stand taken          

neepin –  to avoid

avA     –  desire (greed)

Aara iyarkai – of insatiable nature

Tharum –  will bestow

pErA iyarkai – (a mind of) steady nature


All desires are not bad. There are some desires (or needs) which can be met and satisfied, totally, like hunger, thirst, love, shelter etc. We cannot say the same thing with desire for money, power, lust etc. Such desires are by nature insatiable. If we do not take care to avoid such desires of insatiable nature at some point, it will keep our mind totally restless and may even lead us to destruction.


You may be reminded of a story about a man who was gifted by God, that all the lands he runs over will be his. The man started running, claiming a lot of land under his tiring feet, but poor fellow, he could never stop running, thinking of lands he may ‘lose’, by not continuing his run, ……  , till he finally dropped dead.


That is the AarA iyarkai avA (desire of insatiable nature) you should avoid.


Desires are by nature insatiable. Avoiding them will bestow peace on you.




One Response to “Thirukkural – 370”

  1. darashikoh Says:

    Very good posting. Simple but effective. If we all know what are the right desires and what are the wrong desires …………..and how we need to tackle each ….then the world would be a better place.

    Another thought is that a right desire ………….when taken to the extreme becomes a wrong desire. There is a fine deal of balancing that needs to be done to prevent from going overboard.

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