Thirukkural – 377

வகுத்தான் வகுத்த வகையல்லால்

கோடி தொகுத்தார்க்கும் துய்த்தல் அரிது.

VahutthAn vahuttha vahai allAl kOdi

ThohutthArkum Thuythal arithu.


VahutthAn – The Devisor or the designer

Vahuttha Vahai allAl – away from the ways and means decreed

kOdi ThohutthArkum – Even for those who have earned millions

Thuytthal – to consume and enjoy

Arithu – is next to impossible


Here the poet talks of three activities of economics. Thohutthal – collection, Vahutthal – Distribution, Thuytthal – Consumption. One may earn and accumulate wealth. He may even plan and distribute the wealth in his own way. But what he can on his own consume and enjoy, is already decreed by God. Nothing more and nothing less. We may compare this with the present day saying: “Dane dane par likha hai, Khanewalleh ka naam” – (i.e.), in each grain is engraved its eater’s name.


Even a person who has earned millions cannot enjoy his wealth any more or any less, except by the way decreed by the Eternal Designer.






One Response to “Thirukkural – 377”

  1. Nirmala Says:

    Dear Kunjappa,

    They are great- especially for people like me who are not very fluent in tamil reading! I have not read all your blogs but I intend to when I have a bit more time…. I read the Ptythogoras one it was really nice – first time seeing this proof – very relevant for teaching Adithya as he is just now doing that:)!! Btw our e-mail id is I happened to see the ones in the yahoo id only today & found many mails from you!!DO keep this blog thing up!!! Take care. KInd regards to CHitthi.


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