Thirukkural – 140

Thirukkural – 140

உலகத்தோடு ஒட்ட ஒழுகல் பலகற்றும்
கல்லார் அறிவிலா தார்

ulagatthOdu otta ozhukal palakatrum

kallAr arivilAdhAr



ulagatthOdu otta       –     to be on par with people

Palakatrum                    having learnt so much

ozhukal KallAr              those, not learning discipline

arivilAdhAr                    are deemed uneducated


ozhukal palakatrum kallAr          those learning many things but discipline


This verse is from the chapter titled ‘good conduct or discipline’ (Ozhukkam Udaimai). Hence ‘ozhukal’ is given more importance than ‘ulagatthodu ottal’.


We may compare it with the present day saying:

If Wealth is lost, nothing is lost

If Health is lost, something is lost

If Character is lost, everything is lost


To be on par with other people in the world one may learn many things. But if discipline is not learnt, he will be deemed uneducated. 


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  1. Vignesh Says:

    nice kural… 🙂

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