Thirukkural – 35

அழுக்காறு அவாவெகுளி இன்னாச்சொல் நான்கும்
இழுக்கா இயன்றது அறம்.                                         (35)

azhukkAru  avA vekuli  innAchol  nAngum

IzhukkA iyandrathu arram


azhukkAru  avA vekuli  innAchol – Envy, greed, anger and harsh words

nAngum – these four,  IzhukkA – not committing or not drawing

iyandrathu arram – the conduct of dharma or righteousness.


IzhukkA – this word can be interpreted in two ways.

Izhaitthal- Committing or Izhutthal- drawing.


Not only one should be away from envy towards others, one should also not draw unto oneself envy of others by one’s flamboyance; one should not be greedy, neither he should provoke greed in others by making empty inducements; one should never be angry and neither he should draw other’s anger by unfit behaviour; one should not speak harsh words neither he should provoke harsh words from others. This is the conduct of people who follow the path of dharma or righteousness.


Envy, Greed, Anger and Harsh words are the four things, not to be committed or provoked, if one wants to follow the path dharma or righteousness.




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