Lustre and Gloom – Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi


Lustre and Gloom

A Poem by Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi

Translated from Tamil by L V Nagarajan


Vast blue skies bask in sun light

Cast on the mountains the same sun light

Coasts and the seas, and over the streams

Feast of light on the grounds and trees

Taste of light make forests bright

Misty river banks devour sun light

Just in the minds of human kind

Listless darkness why do we find?


Without bounds the surge of light,

Wave after wave the flow of lustre,

Ocean formed of light and glow,

Gale of brilliance endless and pure,

Stands, surrounds this world around.

In this brilliance whole and perfect,

Minds drowned in silly gloom –

A void of darkness why do we find?


At about 01:30 hours on 12th September 1921, Bharathi attained eternity.

This is my humble homage to him.


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