Once There Were Rivers

Once There Were Rivers.

L V Nagarajan

Rivers are the worst sufferers of human greed. I read somewhere that about 80% of the rivers of the world do not reach the sea at all. They become dry miles before they reach their natural end. River beds are used as illegal sand quarries and later as illegal real estates. What do we do about it? There should be an international law to limit the utilization of river water to, say, 95% and a minimum of 5% of water, as a rule should be discharged into the sea. A norm should be developed for graded utilization of river water all along its route upto the sea, irrespective of political boundaries it passes through. Let us think of our ancient cultures which worshiped rivers, especially its source and its point of collusion with the sea. Let us not pollute the rivers and let us keep their banks and the beds clean and clear. Let us preserve our rivers for our future generations.



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    […] Please read my blog https://lvnaga.wordpress.com/2008/08/08/once-there-were-rivers/ […]

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