Excerpts from my latest blogs



There has been a lot of activity and protests regarding the requirement of Mumbai Metro for a huge space inside the Arrey colony garden area, for locating their loco shed. Some 2500 trees have already been cut, without even waiting or looking for any alternative arrangement to minimise such a criminal loss of trees. While it is agreed that the space requirement is essential for the operation of Metro, do we really require so much space? Is there any scope for reducing this requirement? Here is a proposal on how to reduce this space requirement without affecting the efficiency of Metro operation.B



Here is a demo to influence toilet manufacturers to think of a toilet which will use less water for use as a urinal and more water when used to pass stools.  Though I gave this idea earlier in a blog, the response was very poor. Hence, I made a “Do It Yourself” modification of an existing toilet to demonstrate my idea. It is possible that water conscious people can even do this at their home with better materials. Now at least, some manufacturers have referred the design to their product development section for customizing the same



Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi is right when he expresses concerns about the country being perpetually on Election mode. There are many disadvantages under this situation. The political parties, especially in the opposition go for competitive popular government schemes without any consideration for its feasibility and condition of the state economy. Secondly the ruling parties, either go for big schemes in a hurry before the elections, or, at the same time, are forced to stop any reasonable developmental activities, by the poll code of conduct. All these things cost the tax payer heavily in addition to the wasted expenditure on frequent elections.

However the PM’s solution, of having ‘One Nation/One Election’, has been shown to create more problems than it solves. Perhaps, there could be a solution in going half-way. (i.e) One National /Two State Elections. Please read on: