About L V Nagarajan

I am an Electrical Engineer, retired from active service since 2007.

I have graduated from Madras University (B.Sc), I.I.Sc/ Bangalore (B.E.) and I.I.T/ Kanpur (M.Tech.).

I was working mainly for Tata Electric Cos, Mumbai and DEWA, Dubai. I have travelled professionally to UK, Europe and USA. I am actively interested in my profession even now. My other interests are Mathematics, Indian Classical Music (Carnatic and Hindustani styles), Environment and Tamil literature. I read both fiction and non-fiction with equal interest.

My wife, Smt. Gowri Nagarajan, is a highly trained Carnatic Music vocalist. She was an AIR Chennai artist till recently.

My daughter, Ms Sriranjani, is an MBA from Marshalls, LA/USA. She is working as a Financial Analyst and a Partner in a law firm in the US.

My daughter-in-law Ms. Prathiba, is an MS in Medical Electronics, and is working as a Project Design Manager, in a Medical Systems company in the US.

My son-in-law, Dr. Sridhar, is a Professor in Stanford University.

My son, Mr. Srinath, is an MS in Communication Engineering, working for a networking company in the US.



Rest later.


2 Responses to “About L V Nagarajan”

  1. Arun Says:

    hey dats a great way of learning thirukkural!

  2. Balasaheb Thete Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good to see your profile and about all your family members. Where are are you? Please share your contact details.



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